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Top ways to splurge on your new home in 2022

You have decided to build a new home. You have scheduled an initial meeting with your builder of choice to get the building process started. As you embark on the adventure of designing a new home, it is important to analyze and assess what fixtures and features you and your family need to make your home functional and fabulous. Here are few of the top new home design splurges Paul Gray Homes is seeing in 2022.


Electric blinds and window treatments- Electric blinds and window treatments are a luxurious way to add ease and elegance to your home. Through the quick touch of a button, these treatments can be adjusted to add privacy or adjust the natural light entering your home throughout the day.


Granite and Quartz backsplashes – Create a seamless look to the design of your kitchen and bathroom by installing a granite or quartz backsplash. Quartz and granite is also a stunning modern splurge when it is installed on all sides of the kitchen island.


LED lighting- LED lighting is a wonderful way to cut costs while adding an impact to your home.  There are endless options on the market today that add pops of color and pizazz while illuminating a space.


Outdoor cooking stations- Do you love grilling outdoors? A top splurge is to build a covered outdoor space complete with a built-in cooking station. This cooking station can include a gourmet grill, sink, refrigerator and more. Pizza ovens and firepits are also exceptional additions to these spaces.


Radiant heaters and roll-up windscreens-Outdoor living spaces are a hot trend in new home design. Outdoor decks and patios are ideal ways to extend the living area of your home while enjoying the beautiful outside weather.  Roll-up windscreens and radiant heaters transform these spaces by creating an almost a year-round, functional, bonus space.


Digital water valves for tubs and showers- Power your shower on and adjust the temperature of the water through your Alexa. Yes, please! Luxurious digital water valves are a wonderful way to save time and add ease throughout your home.


Exterior landscaping- Instant gratification is beautifully achieved if you include the exterior landscaping budget into the final price of your home. When you move into your home, all of the exterior landscaping is installed and can instantly be enjoyed without the delay of waiting.


Pool- Do you dream of an outdoor oasis complete with a pool? Incorporating the construction of an in-ground pool into the building process and the final price of your home is a great option for homeowners. Pools are a costly splurge, so spreading out the cost over 30 years in a mortgage might be a more appealing way to finance your backyard paradise.


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