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Top Home Tech Trends

Smart home features have become the standard when building a new home. Home design is not just about how it looks, but also how it elevates your life. There’s likely a smart device for every room in your home! Consider some of the following tech features to add to the overall design of your home:

Home Integration

Using the same products and services (like Amazon or Google) can make your home more streamlined. Connecting technology can help save time and money. If your smart water monitor detects a leak, it could communicate with your smart water shutoff to turn your water off, saving you from costly repairs.


Smart air filters work just like the non-smart version, but with a twist. It includes a sensor that monitors airflow and will let you know when the filter needs to be replaced. It also works with an app to provide information about the air quality of your home!

Charging Station

Thinking about purchasing an electric car, or already own one? Make sure you have a built-in home charging station. Most connect to your home Wi-Fi, making it easy to view your charging history, start or stop charging, or change your schedule.

Smart Home Panel

You can connect all of your devices to just one single app, using a simple display on your wall. No more countertop clutter or switching between multiple apps! Control your music, climate, security, lights, and more easily from one panel.


Smart refrigerators can notify you when you run low on milk and even keep a running grocery list for you! There are so many features added to everyday appliances that can simplify your life. There is even a smart oven that not only can be controlled via Wi-Fi, but also has a camera so you can watch your food cook! It even has artificial intelligence that will weigh, monitor, and cook your food to perfection.

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