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9 Top Design Trends for Fall 2021

As the fall season approaches and cooler temperatures are just a few weeks away, Paul Gray Homes Interior Designer, Megan McGraw with Megan McGraw Interior Design explains what design elements are on the rise.



Neutral marble finishes are extremely popular in new home design. Marble provides a luxurious look that is timeless. Many quartz manufacturers are now producing marble-look countertops that allow clients to get the look of marble without the maintenance. 


2. Cool California aesthetic

 Although farmhouse finishes remain a popular look, cool, clean, California aesthetics are rising in popularity. 


3. A Pop of Color

Neutral hues are an extremely popular choice, with pops of navy and deep green tones to add warmth and dimension to a space.


4. Natural Woods

Woods in their natural state in flooring, furniture and cabinets continues to be a popular, timeless choice.


5. Warm Brass Accents

Touches of brass in fixtures such as lighting and decorative cabinet hardware adds a stunning pop of pizazz.


6. Minimalistic Lighting

 Two-tone light fixtures with thin, clean lines is a popular lighting trend.


7. Carpet

Wool-inspired carpets with a tight loop pile are a hot choice of homeowners. Neutral-colored carpets without patterns or distinct colors is also top new carpet trend.


8. Large-format and Natural Tile

oversized tile, tile with a hand-molded look and chunky stones are popular on fireplaces, in bathrooms and flooring.


9. Bring on the Black

Black is a wonderful way to add a classic touch of elegance to a space. 

Black accent walls and black-trimmed windows are extremely popular in new home design.  Matte Black accents are a striking selection for fixtures and finishes. 


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