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Top 6 ways to prep your home for fall

Fall is just a few weeks away, making it the ideal time to prep your home for cooler temperatures. Here are a few tips to make sure your home is ready for fall.


1) Walk the exterior of your home. Check your windows, roof and siding to make sure no repairs are needed.


2) Clean your gutters. Make sure your gutters are clean from debris and are draining properly.


3) Check your fireplace. It is important to make sure your fireplace is working properly before the cool weather hits.


4) Furnace check-up. Change your Furnace filters and schedule your pre-fall furnace check-up.


5) Trim your trees. Remove all of the dead limbs from your trees before the icy winter weather hits. Additionally, make sure branches are trimmed to not touch your home.


6) Test your sump pump to insure it is draining properly. A good way to test your sump pump, is to pour a gallon of water into the sump pump to make sure it is draining.


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