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Ready to Dive In? Tips to Consider Before Building a Pool?

Are you dreaming of a new custom home in Wichita, Kansas? Do you envision diving in to a cool pool this summer? If you, are, here are a few thing to consider.

A pool is a refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors, entertain and soak up the sun. Pools can potentially add value to your home, but it depends on various factors such as location, climate, local real estate market trends, pool quality, and maintenance costs. Here are some points to consider prior to adding a pool to your home:

  1. Location: In warmer climates where pools are more common and can be used year-round, having a pool might add more value compared to areas with colder climates where pool usage is limited to certain seasons or if the pool can just be used a couple of months out of the year. Consult a local real estate professional for advice on whether a pool will add value to your home.
  2. Local Market Trends: In some areas, having a pool is almost expected and can be a desirable feature for potential buyers. In others, it might not add much value or could even be seen as a liability due to maintenance costs and safety concerns.
  3. Maintenance: A well-maintained, high-quality pool that complements the overall aesthetics of the property is more likely to add value. However, if the pool is poorly maintained or outdated, it could detract from the value of the home. A pool could potentially help or hurt your selling potential depending on your buyer. Potential buyers may consider the ongoing costs of pool maintenance, including cleaning, chemical treatments, repairs, and insurance. These costs could influence whether they view the pool as an asset or a liability.
  4. Safety: There is a safety component associated with owning a pool on your property.  Installing safety features such as fences, alarms, and pool covers can mitigate these concerns and make the pool more appealing. It is also important to consult your insurance agent prior to adding a pool.
  5. Overall Appeal: Beyond financial considerations, the presence of a pool may simply enhance the overall appeal of your property to certain buyers, especially those who prioritize outdoor living spaces and recreational amenities.

Ultimately, adding a pool to your property is an exciting and intensive decision you and your family should make. Pools are wonderful places to entertain and soak up the sun. Whether a pool adds value to your home depends on your specific circumstances and the preferences of potential buyers in your local real estate market. It’s essential to carefully weigh the costs and benefits before deciding to install or remove a pool from your property. We encourage you to consult professionals to ask questions before you decide to dive in to a pool.

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