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Tips for Designing Your Forever Home

There are many reasons to start thinking about building your dream forever home. Avoid the stress of moving and get peace of mind knowing that the home you’re living in is the place you’ll always call home. Plus, you get to customize every part of it to your exact needs! Below are a few tips on how to design your forever home.


While it may seem difficult to anticipate all of your needs for the rest of your life, take some time to think about your lifestyle and what kind of floor plan makes the most sense for you. Will a more closed-off layout work best for you, or should you leave it more open as you age? Is your living space close to your bedroom and kitchen? Should you have just one floor to avoid stairs? These questions will guide the design process and help narrow your options.


The most content forever homeowner tries to eliminate the need for major renovation costs down the road. Spending a little more on high-quality materials now can help ensure you stay in your home longer if you don’t have to constantly replace aging items. This includes your appliances and smart home technology as well.


Another important element in designing your custom forever home is how accessible it becomes as you get older. Increased doorway size and hallway width are two factors to consider now, along with easy-to-use fixtures and hardware. A walk-in shower in at least one bathroom is an easy way to increase your independence further down the road. Including your master bedroom on the main floor means you won’t have to climb stairs just to go to bed. Try and locate your laundry room close to your closet so you don’t have to haul your dirty clothes around your home unnecessarily.


Trendy is not always better when it comes to staying relevant with design. It’s good advice to choose your trends carefully when designing your new home, regardless of how long you end up living there. If you do want to choose a style that is more modern, stick to areas that will end up being easier and less expensive to change later on.


Lastly, really consider your likelihood to move again in your lifetime when designing your forever home. If you don’t plan to be in the home that long, breaking the bank on high-end features may not be worth it. On the flip side, if you can’t afford your home and are missing those must-have items, you might not stay long either. Know where you stand financially and choose the items you absolutely need to have and can afford.

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