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Summer 2023 Home Decor and Trends

After a season of spring cleaning, many enter the summer season ready to replace the old with the new. While some decor trends are timeless, some come and go, and others are brand new entirely! We’ve explored all the popular trends for this upcoming summer, and here’s the breakdown.

Bold and Bright

As flowers bloom and the colors outside become brighter and bolder, so too do the colors inside. This summer, add bright and bold colors into your indoor space. You can do this by purchasing a textured and colorful rug, statement artwork, or accent pieces. Colors are an easy way to bring life to an otherwise neutral room. The most popular color trends include earthy tones (think browns and greens), pastels (light pinks, blues, yellows, and greens), and dierent shades of blue (everything from navy blue to a bright turquoise).

Take it Outside

Summer is meant for weekend barbecues, pool days, and outdoor shenanigans. As you can imagine, with all the extra time spent outside, outdoor furniture is a big hit in the summer. The most popular trends include outdoor sofas and armchairs (great for relaxing pool side), outdoor dining spaces (especially wood and stone top). And for those looking to catch some UV rays, lounge chairs and daybeds are the way to go. Soak up some sun while relaxing, reading, or hanging out with family and friends. However, if you’re looking to create some backyard shade, invest in a colorful umbrella or parasol. You may also consider adding an outside fan or lighting system for added comfort and convenience.

White Walls

While bright and bold colors are a hit this summer, so are white walls. White walls bring a relaxed, airy feeling into a room. They create a modern backdrop for any style. Of course, you can always decorate with bright colors, or you could opt for soft tones such as light blues and blush. Another option is to create a modern space by mixing black and white shades. Luckily, since white goes with everything, you won’t have to keep repainting every time you want to switch things up.

Sustainable Style

Sustainable style is making a comeback this year. Homeowners are incorporating natural elements into their homes to create a relaxing, fresh space. Some ways to include natural materials include using bamboo, jute, and seagrass. Another big trend uses warm wood elements. Warm wood is especially favored for furniture, kitchen cabinetry, and accent pieces such as coee tables. To incorporate some color while maintaining a sustainable style, invest in some indoor plants such as orchids, peace lilies, and snake plants. You can also opt for artificial plants and skip the stress of having to care for the real ones.


Bohemian (also known as boho) style is coming back in full force. Homeowners love this style because it is laid-back, DIY-accessible, and flexible. Inspired by a bohemian lifestyle, this style is unconventional and typically rooted in artistic values. To create a boho style in your home, consider adding a mixture of objects, colors, and patterns from dierent places all over the world. If you are looking for a little more direction with this style, some of the more popular approaches include Moroccan rugs, macramé, woven or crocheted decor, vintage furniture, lamps, and lots of plants. If you’re still having trouble, follow the saying, “more is more.” The more color, texture, and variety you add to your home, the better!

Try something new this summer by incorporating one or more of these popular summer trends in your home!

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