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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is finally here! It’s time to “spring” into action and get your home ready for those rainy spring days. Spring home care can seem overwhelming, but you don’t need to tackle everything in one weekend. Here are a few ways to prepare your home for the warmer weather and longer days ahead.


Clean your gutters of all debris and leaves from the fall and winter to ensure water drains away from your home. You can also take time when you’re up there to look at your roof and make sure there’s no damage or moss growth.


You’ll want to have your HVAC system serviced at least yearly to keep it running smoothly. It’s best to schedule this now before the hot summer months come around! You should also replace your home’s air filters regularly to keep your system running eciently and maintain good air quality.


If you have a sprinkler system, you’ll want to schedule a spring start-up with a reputable company. They’ll make sure everything is in working order with your sprinkler heads and valves. Only do this once temperatures are consistently above freezing!


Your yard may also be in need of some attention, with dead shrubs to take care of and leaves everywhere. This is also a good time to fertilize your lawn or even lay down grass seed if you have any patchy areas. You can also plant some spring flowers to give your exterior a pop of color!


Spring is a great time to walk around your home’s exterior and check for any cracks or holes that need to be filled. It’s also a good time to inspect your windows and doors and reseal them as needed. Consider pressure washing your home’s siding and concrete surfaces of any accumulated dirt. You can even touch up your exterior with paint to keep your home looking fresh!

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