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Preparing Your Home for Potential Natural Disasters

Wichita, Kansas, is a city known for its culture, friendly community, and being the “Air Capital of the World.” However, it is also located in an area prone to a variety of natural disasters including tornadoes, flooding, and heavy storms. While we hope that these events never occur, it's essential to be prepared in case of emergency.

Create a Family Emergency Plan

The first step in preparing for any natural disaster is to create an emergency plan. Set aside time with your family to discuss where you will go and how you will communicate in an emergency event. Be sure to consider your options in a situation where phone lines are down or the power is out. Locate a safe meeting place and ensure everyone knows how to reach it. Make sure all family members are familiar with the plan, especially children.

Secure Your Home

The Greater Wichita area has a past with tornadoes and strong winds. To minimize potential damage to your home, it's important to take proactive measures. Start by reinforcing structural elements of your home, such as the roof, doors, and any windows. Consider installing impact-resistant windows and garage doors; this can provide an added layer of protection during severe storms. Additionally, clear your yard of loose objects that could easily become dangerous in strong winds. Lastly, if you live in an area particularly prone to tornadoes, consider building a storm cellar for refuge.

Purchase Flood Insurance

Wichita is also at risk for flooding, especially during heavy rainfall. Since standard homeowners' insurance typically does not cover flood damage, consider purchasing a separate flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Having additional coverage can be a financial lifesaver in case of flood-related damage.

Stay Informed

Stay updated with the latest weather information by having a NOAA Weather Radio or a reliable weather app on your phone. Wichita's local authorities should also provide timely warnings and updates about severe weather. Additionally, consider investing in backup power sources, such as a generator and portable chargers for electronic devices like tablets and phones.

While you can't always predict natural disasters, you can take proactive steps to protect you and your family in a potential emergency. It’s essential to understand the risks, create an emergency plan, secure your home, and stay informed. Doing these things will help you be prepared and stay safe during an emergency.

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