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Paul Gray Homes now offers Cryptocurrency payment options

Paul Gray Homes is now offering Cryptocurrency payment options to individuals interested in or currently building a new home. Accepting Crypto payments propels the organization to the forefront of the homebuilding industry.


“We know Crypto is not of interest or an option for everyone,” explains Paul Gray, President and CEO, Paul Gray Homes. “But, for those who have been involved in Crypto, giving them the opportunity to utilize an asset in exchange for another asset is an extremely tangible form of commerce exchange.” 


Paul Gray Homes now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. 


“Paul Gray Homes is proud to be, if not the first, one of the very first home builders to offer Crypto payments in this region of the United States,” says Gray. 


“At Paul Gray Homes, we always operate to be at the leading edge of development, design and lifestyle changes,” says Gray. “Offering crypto payment options is one more example of how Paul Gray Homes strives to be a leader in the field to best serve our clients and the community.”


Some restrictions do apply. To learn more about Paul Gray Homes Crypto payment options, please call Paul Gray Homes at 316-978-9047 or visit