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New Home Features For Pet Owners

Pets are more than just animals. They’re members of your family. Consider their needs as well when designing features for your new custom home. These amenities can help keep your pets safe and happy while also fitting in with your home’s overall style. Here are a few examples of some pet-friendly options you can add to your home design.

Pet Bathing Station

Gone are the days of trying to wrangle your pet outdoors with a hose and cold water. A small walk-in shower setup will allow for pets of all sizes to fit, and a handheld shower will keep all of that warm water inside the tub. Consider putting this in your mudroom or garage so you can clean those muddy paws off before they enter your home.

Built-In Bowls

A dedicated feeding station in your kitchen or mudroom is the perfect way to keep your floors clutter-free while also fitting in with your new home’s design. Include a drawer or cabinet for storing food in a secure place, or even install a faucet for easy water bowl refills!

Hidden Litter Box

Every cat owner wants to keep the litter box accessible but also hidden from plain sight. When building your home, you have the option of making that space anywhere you want! Install a small cat door in the side of your cabinets, or even create a tunnel space from the house to the garage.

Custom Doors

Need to keep your pets out of a certain area of your home? A half-height sliding pocket door, or Dutch door, allows you to keep your pets gated off in another room without that unattractive baby gate. Customize the look to fit any home decor.

Sleeping Area

Your pet needs its own quiet retreat, so why not make it at least look nice? Create a small, enclosed area under your stairs or include a pet bed built into your closet or bedroom. You could even create a private pet room for them complete with a bed, toys, decor, and more!

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