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Ideal Bonus Rooms for Your New Custom-Built Home

Whether the space is intended for a specific purpose now or provides flexibility for future use, bonus rooms offer a commitment to minimal renovations or growing out of a home too soon. Custom home plans with bonus rooms are increasingly popular in today’s housing market due to their nature to suit various family needs. This flexible living area can be used as a home office, gym, playroom, home theatre, or extra bedroom. It can also be saved for the future when the need for more space arises. As a result, bonus rooms can be an excellent selling point at a later date. Or, for those building their forever home, this option offers an affordable way to account for unforeseen space needs down the road.

Here are some of our favorite uses for bonus rooms:

Expanded Laundry Space

Let’s face it! It seems like the laundry is a never-ending chore. However, if you have more space in which to spread out, stay organized and added room to sort, iron and hang-dry clothes, laundry can actually be somewhat enjoyable (we said, “somewhat!”). When you plan for a larger laundry room, you can utilize the area to keep things like shoes, backpacks and similar unsightly items out of view. You can get even more creative and add a dog wash! Spoil the furry family pet with a luxurious wash space of its very own!

Wine Cellar / Tasting Room

Transform your bonus room into a sophisticated wine “cellar”! Consider built-in, temperature-controlled wine storage, a place to store cheeses and nuts, and deep-cushioned leather chairs and a table to create a cozy tasting room, perfect for quite evenings in or entertaining friends and family.

Hobby Room / Craft Room

Are you a collector of antiques, coins, or sports memorabilia? Or perhaps you like to tinker and build model planes and trains? Maybe you’re a crafter or maker? If this sounds like you, then adding a special place for your creativity is a must!

Playroom / Homeschool

If you have kids, then you know you need a dedicated space for play and messes! Using your bonus room for a playroom for younger children is ideal. But, also consider how the space can be used or converted into a place to host homeschool, or simply a quiet place for homework for older kids. Regardless of its purpose, having a dedicated room for all members of the family is something important to consider.

Home Office

While likely the most common use for a spare bedroom, using your bonus room to house your home office could be a great alternative option. Keep the extra bedroom for your guests and design a more productive workspace by customizing your bonus room to meet the needs of your home-based business, or simply for when you need a quite place to work remote.

Gym Space

Depending on the amount of space in your bonus room, you can have a small home gym or an elaborate area to do some high-intensity cardio! Home gyms are always a popular way in which to utilize a bonus room.

Entertainment Space or Media Room

Now, more than ever, we are spending extra time together at home — as a family! Create lasting memories in a dedicated family entertainment space. Or, do you like movies? Make the bonus room into a home theater! The choices are endless.

Whether or not you have a dedicated plan for how to use your bonus room, or if you simply want to remain flexible, we recommend planning ahead and building a bonus room into your custom-built home design. We are here to answer any of your questions and look forward to designing your next home. Give us a call today at 316-978-9047!