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How to Build an Energy-Efficient Home

When planning your custom home design, you may be thinking of how to create an energy-efficient home that can keep your costs low for years to come. There are several areas of your home that are worth making “green,” resulting in lower energy bills and less impact on the environment. Energy-efficient homes are more comfortable, long-lasting, and can boost your home’s value! Below are some tips on how to build an energy-efficient home.

Home Design

There are many ways to design your home to naturally be more energy- efficient. Your home’s orientation can minimize direct sunlight in the summer and maximize sunlight in the winter to save on your heating and cooling bills. Limit west-facing windows that can let in too much heat in the summer. You’ll also want to consider your home’s overall size in your design since larger homes require more energy.


Everything from your windows and doors to your paint color and roofing materials can impact your energy efficiency. You’ll have many choices to make along the way when building your home, and choosing the highest- graded energy-efficient option on things like your home’s insulation can keep your home operating in tip-top shape.


Home appliances, like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ovens, can account for around 20% of your home’s annual electricity usage. By purchasing energy-efficient appliances, you may spend more upfront but will save money each year on utilities, paying for that initial cost over time.


Your home needs to have basic functional systems, such as water and heating/cooling. These systems tend to consume the most energy in your home, so it is important to find an efficient option to help save energy and money. A tankless water heater is a great way to ensure a never- ending supply of hot water that is also energy-efficient.


Smart home technology makes it easier than ever to control things like your thermostat and lighting from wherever you are. This can also be used to make your home more efficient. You can have different thermostat settings for when you are not home or overnight, and your lighting can be set to only be used when someone is in the room. This can make your home comfortable while you are there and save energy when you’re away.

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