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Home Design with the Holidays In Mind

Home Design with the Holidays in mind


Building a new custom home can be an exciting, and at times, overwhelming endeavor. There are endless items to consider. If you love the holidays and entertaining, it is important to determine what must-have elements you need for your holiday décor, entertaining and more.


Holiday Decor

Consider a design that complements your favorite holiday decorations and treasures. Ample wall space, well-placed outlets, and built-in shelving can make all forms of decorating easier.


Color Palette

A neutral color palette in your main interior spaces might be a better accent for your holiday decorations to stand out and pop.


Love Entertaining?

An open floor plan is functional for entertaining or hosting holiday gatherings. An open-concept layout offers ample space for guests to mingle and move around freely.


Chef's Kitchen

Love to cook and bake? Design a spacious and well-equipped kitchen with ample counter space, storage, and multiple well-spaced outlets to make holiday meal preparation a breeze.


Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Design an outdoor space that extends your interior to the outside.  A concrete patio, or concrete deck is ideal for holiday gatherings. A fireplace and or fire pit is a wonderful way to provide warmth and ambiance during the cooler months as well.


Cozy Fireplace

A fireplace provides a cozy centerpiece of the home. Especially, surrounding the holidays.


Guest Rooms and Accommodations

If you plan to host guests overnight, design comfortable guest rooms appointed with luxurious touches and amenities. Bathrobes, candles, extra blankets, pillows, and holiday-themed décor is a wonderful touch to make any house guest feel welcome.


Smart Home Technology

Integrate smart home technology to control lighting, heating, audio and entertainment systems. This can enhance the ambiance during holiday celebrations.


Storage for Holiday Decorations

Include ample storage space to house your holiday decorations throughout the year. Shelving, closets, and storage systems are important elements to store your holiday trees, wreaths, lighting, tubs and festive décor.


Energy-Efficient Features

Consider energy-efficient features like LED lighting, smart thermostats, and well-insulated windows to reduce energy costs during the winter months.


Custom Holiday Lighting

Plan for custom lighting options, such as pendant lights or chandeliers that can be adjusted to create the perfect holiday ambiance. Make sure to have plenty of exterior and interior outlets surrounding your home.


Personalized Touches

Incorporate lighten bookshelves, built-in furniture, and cubbies to showcase artwork, photos, or family heirlooms.


Remember to work closely with your builder to incorporate these features seamlessly into your home’s design. For more information about building your new home for the holidays contact us today at 316-990-0000.