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Home Design Trends – What’s In for 2022?

Curved shapes, textures, and nature-inspired interiors are all trends named by designers for 2022. The Paul Gray Homes team is consistently reviewing up-and-coming and on-trend designs for a home’s exterior, as well as interior. Our goal is to find a balance between what’s current and how those elements can be paired with timeless accents for a long-lasting design.

Multi-use Spaces

Over the past couple of years, we have all spent more time at home, causing a preferential shift toward more segmented spaces and those able to serve multiple purposes, such as a home office, a gym or an art space.

When planning your custom-built home, consider how you will use your space and what makes sense. Open-concept floor plans are great for entertaining and keeping an eye on the kids, while segmented spaces add more privacy and clearly delineated rooms. The answer could also be a combination — creating segmented spaces but with open views through wider openings. Our team at Paul Gray Homes is ready to help you find the best floor plan for your family.

Rustic Touches

While elements of rustic interior design are timeless, we’re seeing a shift away from rustic design as a centerpiece — instead, it’s becoming an accent. Homeowners are choosing elements that give a hint of a rustic touch to add character to their space.

Additionally, we are seeing horizontal shiplap being replaced with vertical accents. Shiplap was an easy option to bring texture onto solid walls, but could visually collapse your ceiling. Instead, try creating an accent wall by hanging wallpaper, wood or geometric patterns vertically to add height into your space.

Nature-Inspired Neutrals

Several designers predict the rise of nature-inspired neutrals displayed in furniture such as leather upholstery and woven materials. Others predict a spike in nature-inspired surfaces and accents, such as marble counters and rough sawn wooden beams. These natural elements complement modern decor and are a way to add interest to a space.

Tile Patterns

We’re seeing an incoming prevalence of earthy trends and bohemian styles. Choose ceramic or hardwood tile as a versatile option, and keep in mind that patterned tile can also play a key role in your home’s design – with herringbone still a dominating trend.

Dramatic Colors 

While neutral colors are a classic go-to, we’re seeing homeowners choose to add a pop of color to their space with a striking or bold color on islands or lower cabinets. You can also add drama by changing out your cabinet pulls/knobs or adding a bold backsplash. Even dramatic light fixtures or appliances will make a statement.

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