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Getting What You Want In An Expensive Market

It may seem scary to commit to building a new home right now with fluctuating interest rates and high material prices. While it might be tempting to put your dream home temporarily on hold, it might not be best to wait. Here are some ways you can get exactly what you want in your new home while building in an expensive market.

Maximize Your Custom Space

A bonus to building your custom dream home with Paul Gray Homes is our team of experts who can help you maximize the functionality of your floor plan, even if it’s smaller than you originally intended. We can help make the most of your budget and help with any decisions to avoid overspending.

Plan For Later

Perhaps your ideal home has 5 bedrooms, but you can only afford to finish 3 right now. Or maybe you’d love to have solar panels on your home one day. Preparing your home for those projects later on down the road will help with the cost overall in the long run. Some preliminary electrical and plumbing work while your home is being built means adding those desired features later on down the road is as easy as possible.

New Is More Efficient

Compared to purchasing an existing home, everything in your custom- built home is brand new. You won’t need to spend money on costly home improvement projects just after your purchase. You’ll also see savings in energy costs thanks to more efficient and advanced materials and appliances. These energy cost savings can really add up!

Waiting Isn’t Always Better

You might not want to hold off on building your new home in hopes of rates dropping further. Trends point to interest rates continuing to rise in the next year. Prices of materials are actually starting to normalize, and the supply chain is improving each day. Don’t put off living in the home of your dreams any longer!

Interested in building the custom home of your dreams? Let our expert team walk you through the home-building experience. Call Paul Gray Homes today at 316-990-0000!