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Five reasons to build your dream home, now!

Are you interested in building a new home? If so, now is the perfect time to get started.


“Now more than ever is the perfect time to build,” explains Paul Gray, President and CEO, Paul Gray Homes.  “There are so many great reasons to build new, now.” 


Here are a few reasons to consider building a new home.


1. Interest rates

They at an all-time low allowing the future homeowner to purchase a larger house to fit into their budget. Current interest rates allow the homeowner to build up to 25 percent more home, for the same amount of money they originally planned on spending with more common interest rates.

2. Modern design, style and functionality

 When you build a new home, you can design the home to fit your budget, needs and dreams.  This includes utilizing the latest in design techniques, modern features and a livable layout that is functional for the homeowner. New homes also often have larger windows, higher ceilings and open-concept layouts that are timeless.

3. Modern materials

When you build a new home, the builder can install the latest technology and utilize energy-efficient materials that can reduce energy costs. Existing homes might not utilize energy-efficient materials, which can lead to unforeseen energy costs and unforeseen upgrades in the future.

4. New vs. existing home

When you purchase an existing home, especially a home built in the in the 90s and before, you could encounter a need to remodel the home to make it modern and updated in the latest style. These costs can make a less expensive home to purchase, ultimately even more expensive than building new.  

5. Materials costs

While the costs of materials were high in the fall, costs are declining and returning to normal levels.  

Whether you own your own land in a rural setting, or you are searching for that perfect lot, Paul Gray Homes can walk you through every step of the home building process. We invite you to check out of listing of new home communities on our website. We build in a variety of home developments in the Wichita area including Castaway, Edgewater, Emerald Bay, Firefly, Lakeway at Cornerstone, Garden Walk, Oak Creek, Sandcrest and Rocky Ford.  Call us at 316-978-9047 today!