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10 Features To Consider For New Home Buyers

The home builder’s advantage is being able to personalize details big and small to reflect your family’s lifestyle, needs and preferences.

There is much to think about when you’re building a home, and no decision should be taken lightly. After all, it’s your opportunity to get creative and add unique features you might not otherwise find.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite features for new home builders to add a personalized touch to your home. Whether you’re about to start building your new home or just out seeking some inspiration, these are the features you need to consider.

First-Floor Master Suite

It’s never too early to start planning for your future. Investing in a first- floor master suite is a safe bet, especially if you plan to remain in your home after you retire. With your bedroom already on the first floor, you won’t have to spend thousands on a remodel later should mobility issues one day make climbing the stairs difficult or impossible.

Main-Floor Laundry

Sure, a laundry room may not be the first feature to come to mind. But a well-placed laundry room can most certainly make your life a lot easier. Positioning your laundry facilities close to your master suite can make this weekly task a lot less of a chore. Doing laundry for the whole family? Give yourself plenty of space and consider additional features like a sorting table or counter and mounted cabinets to hold all your supplies.

Dedicated Home Office

Many of us have discovered the kitchen table isn’t a comfortable place to work full-time. And the couch? It’s not much better. More workers have transitioned to work from home or hybrid work settings, and a home office is now one of the most in-demand home features of 2022. Transform a bonus room into a dedicated space to focus on work during your online hours — and be glad you did.

Walk-In Pantry

Building Tip: Plan for more storage than you think you’ll need. Including a walk-in pantry in your kitchen adds a new dimension of convenience and keeps your countertops free and clear of clutter. You can use space in your pantry for larger food items without sacrificing space in your cabinets. Pantries are wonderful for storing oversized appliances that don’t get used as frequently, and even better for keeping your most- needed items at eye-level.

Outdoor Kitchen

Including an outdoor living area concept has been proven to increase the value of a home, making it a lucrative investment. While some stop at a grill or island, an outdoor kitchen can be expanded to include many high- demand appliances, like a pizza oven, a flat-top grill and a smoker. Adding counter space or a bar allows guests to hover around and socialize — and adds to the functionality of the cook center itself.

Zero-Entry Floor Plan

Families of all life stages are seeking out zero-entry thresholds. Zero- entry means added convenience for simple, daily living activities. Whether bringing groceries inside or welcoming guests, everyone is sure to appreciate the ease of use that a zero-entry threshold provides.

Natural Lighting

Natural light has been shown to increase concentration and focus, as well as improve productivity. It’s also been shown to lower stress and anxiety levels, too. And the benefits don’t stop there. Natural lighting may make a space look bigger and more open, which can increase the value of a home — and it may also help cut down energy costs.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also useful. Illuminated countertops make meal prepping easier in the morning and evening. Under-cabinet lighting can also double as a nightlight for guests, too.

Oversized Garage

We all use our garages to store more than our cars. Whether it be yard equipment, tools, holiday decorations or something else, our belongings somehow always outpace our space options. If your garage houses more than just your vehicle, an oversized garage is a must-have.


Often located near the rear-entrance of your home, a mudroom is commonly thought of as the place where you can remove muddy boots, jackets and wet clothing to protect the rest of the house. But it also can serve as a dedicated place to store keys and shoes, helping to save time when you’re coming and going. Go beyond the basics of hooks and shelving with mounted cabinets for storing cleaning supplies, pet food and much, much more.

Inspired by new home features and possibilities?

You have many new home features to consider when building your home. So many that it can be hard to stay up on all the features, trends and possibilities.

Paul Gray Homes provides valuable guidance through the entire home- building process. Our experienced team can help you get up to speed on the latest features and help you see whether they will benefit your family.

Our biggest priority is delivering you the most exceptional homebuilding experience, from consultation to construction to final walkthrough. If you’re excited by these features and ready to start planning your home construction, talk to the experts at Paul Gray Homes!

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