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As interest rates rise, NOW is still a great time to buy

With interest rates on the rise, many individuals who are interested in building a new home, are currently asking themselves if now is the right time to build? Is it best to wait until interest rates drop to get started? 


“Now is still a great time to build,” explains Paul Gray, President and CEO, Paul Gray Homes. “While interest rates are increasing, it is likely they will continue to increase over the coming months. For those interested in building, Paul Gray Homes has secured long-term interest rate lock options for our clients, giving them the peace of mind they need if they choose to build.”


Another reason to consider building now, is lumber costs are currently decreasing, which lowers the overall building costs to build a new home. 


Additionally, Paul Gray Homes also offers Cryptocurrency payment options for buyers with Cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrency assets can be utilized to cover a portion of the down payment or the final purchase price. Paul Gray Homes currently accepts many mainstream Cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doge.


If you have questions about what financial options Paul Gray Homes currently has available, or if you are ready to start building your dream home, call the experts at Paul Gray Homes at 316-978-9047 today.