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Aging In Place Custom Home Design

Are you designing a home that you hope to enjoy as you age ? Aging in Place design involves creating spaces that are safe, accessible, and comfortable for individuals as they grow older. Here are some key features to consider if you are custom building a home you can enjoy after you retire:

  • One-level living: Minimize or eliminate the need to navigate stairs by designing homes with all essential living spaces on one level.
  • Wide doorways and hallways: Ensure doorways and hallways are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, typically at least 36-inches wide.
  • Zero-step entries: Eliminate steps at the entrance to the home to facilitate easy access for individuals with mobility issues.
  • Accessible bathrooms: Design bathrooms with features such as grab bars, curbless showers, handheld showerheads, and raised toilets to enhance safety and accessibility.
  • Non-slip flooring: Install flooring materials that provide good traction, such as non-slip tiles or low-pile carpet, to reduce the risk of slips and falls.
  • Ample lighting: Ensure adequate lighting throughout the home, including task lighting in key areas like the kitchen and bathroom, to improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Easy-to-reach controls: Install light switches, thermostats, and other controls at a height that is easily accessible from a standing or seated position.
  • Open floor plans: Design a home with an open floor plan that minimizes obstacles and allow for easier navigation with mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers.
  • Low-maintenance landscaping: Design outdoor spaces with low-maintenance landscaping features to reduce the need for physical upkeep as individuals age. Patio home communities are also .
  • Technology integration: Incorporate smart home technology, such as voice-activated assistants, automated lighting, and remote monitoring systems to help enhance convenience and safety.
  • Space for guests: Do you have kids and grandkids who you enjoy hosting. Make sure you design your home with guests in mind.
  • Entertaining: Do you enjoy cooking and entertaining? Create a comfortable kitchen with loads of seating, counter space and storage.

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