Top Design Trends for 2020

Top Design Trends for 2020

April 7, 2020

The world of new home design is ever changing. From farmhouse to mid-century modern, the design of your home is a wonderful way to express your personality and showcase your style. 

Paul Gray Homes interior designer, Megan McGraw of Megan McGraw Interior Design, shares a few of the latest top trends in new home design for 2020.

"The biggest change we are seeing is a shift from farmhouse to Scandinese, which is a mix of Scandinavian Modern and Japanese minimalist design," explains McGraw.

Additional 2020 design trends include:

  • Light/natural woods used throughout the home. White Oak is a popular wood choice.
  • Low-profile furniture with a minimalistic, modern design. The capsule is the top shape we are seeing currently in furniture as well as lighting.
  • Accessories and pottery with a global and handmade look.
  • Faucets with strait, modern lines in chrome and black finishes.  
  • Gold accents.
  • Mixing metals including chrome, black and gold throughout the home.
  • Painted cabinets and kitchen islands that make a statement in classic black and dark sage green hues.
  • Lighting that has clean and simple lines.  
  • Statement chandeliers that are oversized, but have clean, simple lines.

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