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6 Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Kids

Building a new home is a great time to personalize your space for your unique needs. If you’re a parent, you might be wondering how to create a kid-friendly home while still having a sleek and stylish design. Not to worry — here are six tips for families to help make the home-building process easier.


When designing your new home, an open floor plan should be at the top of your list if you have children. Most modern family homes have large open plans that include the kitchen, dining, and living areas all in one space. This will help you keep an open sightline on your kids while you get other things done.


Children tend to have a lot of toys, clothes, games, and accessories. When planning out your new home, try to envision where you can store these items for easy access while keeping safety in mind. You can even design a fun play area under the stairs or in a bonus room to keep all that clutter in one space.


There are many ways to childproof your home during your build, which can help save you money down the road. Consider rounded corners on anything with an edge, and you definitely want to get child locks and covers for your outlets and stove knobs. Take your childproofing up a notch with built-in gates and railings on your stairs!


Another way to keep your kids safe is to use high-quality products when finishing out your home design. Quartz and granite counters are easy to clean and consider non-slip flooring tile to avoid falls. Washable interior paint would also be a good solution to keep your walls art-free.


Your new smart home can also help keep you and your family safe, even if you can’t be with them. Cameras and other smart features like locks and sensors can alert you when a door is opened or to any motion you’re not expecting. If you have a pool, an alarm can alert you and ultimately save your child’s life.


Minimize accidents with furniture that has softer, rounded edges and kid- safe fabrics that are easier to clean. Always make sure to anchor large furniture pieces to the wall so it doesn’t tip and cause an injury.

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