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2022’s Most Popular Custom Home Exterior Finishes

If you’re planning on building a custom home, odds are you’ve been scouring the web to get ideas of the latest trends. We have, too! While being mindful of exterior design elements that are not only on-trend, our custom designers also consider choices that are stylish and timeless. Here are this year’s most popular exterior finishes — enjoy!

Textured Exterior

A big design trend for exterior home design we’re seeing this year is increased visual texture. Highlight your home’s unique architectural features and character by adding texture in thoughtful ways. When considering your new home build, think about adding visual texture through the window trim, in your roofing materials, or even the fascia. Siding, however, remains the simplest, most popular place for creating additional visual texture.

Board and batten, shiplap and shake shingles are all common ways to boost texture. When finished with a light exterior paint, textured siding shows off depth and detail more noticeably, while dark colors provide a subtlety to the overall facade.

Dark, Moody Earth Tones 

White may never go out of style, but going dark with a home’s exterior is an increasingly popular way to stand out and create drama. Many custom homes are combining deep gray or black with the popular modern farmhouse look. Using black, whether for your metal roof or exterior cladding, is a simple way to add eye-popping enhancements to any home.

Featured Front Doors 

No longer is the front door a mere entry point. Now it’s a preferred way to let your personal style shine through. Demand even more attention by framing your front door with color and texture – unique, bright colors, swooping geometric designs or custom glass welcome visitors and add a pop of interest to a home’s exterior.

Black Accents 

Certain to stick around for 2022 are all shades of black. Dark ebony, onyx and subtle charcoals are all variations of this year’s popular accent color. So when planning your custom built home, consider adding black hues for the door trim, window trim, soffit or porch banisters. When paired with brown, white, or other colors, using black as an accent can create a dramatic look and offer a variety of ways to show off your own unique style.

Mixed Medium 

One of the biggest trends (yet always timeless) is adding natural textures to your home’s exterior. The most common textures are wood trim and other wooden elements as well as stone or brick accents. All of these natural elements add texture and depth to your home’s curb appeal.

More trends, that are also classic in aesthetic, include metal accents, such as a metal roof over the front porch, dark gutters that contrast with the homes exterior, and lots of bronze and copper elements. Talk to our designers about material options that will help you ‘mix it up’!

Functional Outdoor Space 

A single pair of rocking chairs on the porch no longer provides enough seating for adequate outdoor entertaining. By far one of the hottest design trends this year is to create an outdoor environment to accommodate a variety of activities.

While seating is still important, consider using outdoor furniture to define entertainment spaces, such as for dining, cooking, time spent by the fire and even a space for quiet reading or gameplay. Pergolas and covered lounge spaces are also popular choices, making 2022 the year to plan a spectacular space to accommodate more time outside.

More Glass 

Maybe it’s because we’ve all been spending so much time indoors, but this year is all about bringing in the light — with windows! Not only do they create an airy feel inside, additional windows with more height also modernize the exterior of the home. Straight-edged windows with dramatic height are replacing the curved frames that tend to tighten the feel. Clean lines help establish a feeling of openness that also brightens up any room.  

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