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New Home Technology Trends of 2020

As the world of technology is constantly evolving, adding technology to your home is now more than ever, an affordable way to make your home more functional and livable.

“Adding technology to your home is easier and more cost-effective than ever,” says Paul Gray, President and CEO, Paul Gray Homes.  “Gone are the days of having to break your budget to add technology to your home. There are many fantastic products on the market to fit all needs and budgets.” 

Below is a list of home technology items to consider adding to your home.

Sensible switches

There are a variety of lighting systems that can make your lives easier.  Many of the latest switches can be installed quickly and easily and can immediately sync with your smartphone.  From your phone, you can set timers that turn the switches on and off at the touch of a button. You can also schedule the lights to turn on at the same time each day.


 Many of the newest appliances have the ability to sync with your smartphone to add ease to your daily life.  Some even offer touchscreens to assist with meal planning, shopping list and more.


There are a number of doorbells on the market that include an integrated camera.  Ring and Nest are popular programs that also have security monitoring programs available at a minimal monthly fee.

Security cameras

To add security to your home, many homeowners are choosing to add security cameras to monitor your home while helping keep your family safe. 

Alexa, Google, Siri 

Many technology companies now have virtual assistant programs on the market.  From finding your favorite recipe, turning and telling you today’s weather to serving as an in-house intercom system to reach a family member in another room, these personal assistant programs can make your life easier and make your home more livable.

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